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what is codepool in magento

what is codepool in magento

Magento has three different code pool.community, core and local. when you install magento you can see all three code pool directory structure like as below.


You can see below image for Magento codepool

magento codepool

Local : If we want to add new functionality in our magento site or want to override the magento core/community functionality then we have write over code and create a custom module in local code pool.

Community : In this code pool all third party modules and community developers extension.MagentoConnect site is a best way for developers to distribute their extension to the community and all developers used extension from there paid and free.

Core: This code pool having all code of existing feature of Manento. Magento team suggest not to change any code in core files only Magento Team can make changes in core files for new magento version releases. If you want to change any core functionality then override the magento core file and then you can change in your custome module.So that it will not create a problem at the time of Magento Upgradation from Old version to new version.

In a short description we can describe codepool in a single line

Core : app/code/core – Holds Magento base modules that make up the core functionality.

Community: app/code/community – Holds third-parties developed modules

Local: app/code/local – Holds custom modules that you make, including core/community overrides.

To verify how to framework interact with the various code pools, look at app/Mage.php in line number 38 to 52

This code clarify Magento include paths order – first it includes Local code pool, than community and after that – corepool, which allow developers to override classes without changing core files.

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