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Install cakephp 3.0 Framework using composer

Install cakephp 3.0 Framework using composer

CakePhp 3.0 having some new approaches to the installation. Before start to install CakePhp 3.0 , Please ensure following things are enabled and installed on your machine, then follow below step by step instructions to install CakePhp 3.

Requirements :

  1. Must have installed PHP 5.4.16 or above on your machine
  2. Must be enabled mbstring extension and intl extension to install CakePhp 3 on your machine.
  3. Php Lamp(Xampp or Wamp) Server Must be install on your machine or server.

For XAMPP Server intl extension is already installed, you need to enable this extension to uncomment below line in your php.ini file. Php.ini file is located at c:\xampp\php\php.ini



After uncommenting above line you must restart your Apache server using XAMPP control panel.

For Wamp server intl extension is default enabled. But to make usable to do some changes.
Go to folder c:\wamp\bin\php\php, copy all files which look like as icu*.dll and paste into the Apache bin directory C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache{version}\bin.

After complete this process you must restart your Apache server using WAMP control panel.

Installing CakePhp 3 Framework
CakePhp 3 using composer to install the dependency components (Controller, Model, and View files and all plugins) and also done some configuration changes.

Installation Composer for CakePhp 3:

Here is the .exe installer link to download Composer-Setup.exe
Download composer for cakephp installation

After download composer exe file you can execute or install on your local machine in any location(most probably in c).

When you install composer it will be required to specified you php.exe file Path from you php directory Like as below.

composer install

You can also install the Composer using curl extension (curl is must be enabled).using following command
curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
Once you successfully installed the Composer, then type composer in your root directory and press Enter, you will get following response like as image.


Install CakePhp 3 using Composer

Open command(CMD) line editor and go to htdocs directroy on your XAMPP server.



Now Run the following command to install the CakePhp 3.0 on your server in newcake folder.



This command take some to install the CakePhp in newcake folder.

And at the end of the Last executed command it will ask you to set the permission for temp directory and security salt.So kindly choose Y to set the permission for temp directory and generate new security salt.



Now you successfully installed CakePhp 3.0 on your machine. Go to Your browser and and access your newcake application you, to see CakePhp default home page like below image.

Install Cakephp 3.0

Now to connect the database your cakephp project Kindly Referer my Next last tutorials

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One thought on “Install cakephp 3.0 Framework using composer

  1. Olivedev says:

    CakePHP can also be installed through SSH (

    https://www.cloudways.com/blog/install-cakephp-on-cloud/ ). I think installing through SSH is easier than doing it with Composer.

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