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How to install sample data for Magento

How to install sample data for Magento

Magento community provide a best way to understand the Magento functionality, they provide a dummy database to understand how their store is configured, how their frontend would look like, and how we organized their product and categories. Magento sample data package contain a MySQL dump file with some additnal folder which have a media folder that contain configure product images, css file and banner image and other required data which is used in dummy database. This media folder should be uploaded to the media folder of your Magento installation directory.

Note: Sample data can be import only empty database. we can not import sample database on any existing database. If you want to install sample data with previously install Magento application. Then remove all tables from exiting database and the import dummy database.

How to get the magento dummy Database

The sample data is available on Magento Community site and we can download it without registration.
Click Here to Download Link to get dummy database.and download dummy database in any format given below image.

How to import dummy Database in phpmyadmin

Dummy database have a large amount of data, more than 10 MB sql file. So to import in our Php admin we have required some Configure changes and also we can import from command line.To import dummy in phpmyadmin we can follow This Link

After import mysql dummy database install fresh magneto using dmmy database.To install magneto using dummy database follow below process.

Step 1: Copy new Magento installation directory in htdocs(Xamp) folder.

Step 2: Copy Media and skin folder from the dummy database directory and replace your magneto existing new magento directory.and access in web browser(http://localhost/yordirector/). Agree terms and condition and proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Set the language configuration, currency and Timezone according to your locality.

Step 4: Set the database configuration, add database name new imported databse, user name and password details.

Step 5: Create the admin account and User to manage the store data and complete the installation process. After compalte the onstallation process your Magento project is working fine. if you are getting below css issues kindly follow below process and resolve the css issues.


Magento CSS Not loading : This problem is arise due to database Migration( base Url in Magento dummy database and your newly installation directory base Url is different).So change your base Url in core_config_data table.

Go to MySQL phpmyadmin and select database table core_config_data in your database.

Change old host Url to newly hosted Url one but make sure if you site address is http://advancephp.com then add slash after url type http://advancephp.com/.

Process to change the Host Url:

Verify the base url in core_config_data table sing below SQL query.

To change the base URLs, execute the following commands:

Now delete all Cache file from Root Directory/var/cache/ and Root Directory/var/session/ cache and session folder. And access your application in browser now it's working fine.

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