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How to enable cURL extension in PHP?

How to enable cURL extension in PHP?

Curl stand 'Client for URLs' means it deals with URLs. to use PHP's cURL functions you need to install the curl library in your server.First you verifay curl is install or enable your system or not.

To verify curl is enable/install on your system or not

create a file(test.php) on your xampp htdocs root directory and save below content on this file phpinfo();

Step2: Run this file on your browser http://localhost/test.php

Step3: all LAMP server detail are display on browser windows Find the cURL word in display content if your are not able to find curl in display content that means cURL is not enable on your LAMP server.

Enable cURL on your system

Go to php directory in yor wamp server C:\xampp\php

open C:\xampp\php\php.ini file on editor and find cURL in php.ini file

Find  ;extension=php_curl.dll on line no 952 Remove the ; start from the line

Now ReStart the apache and xampp server and check again Curl is enable or not

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