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how to block a website in all web browsers for Windows

how to block a website in all web browsers for Windows

If you want to block a website from your computer. then you add a new entry for this domain in host file and map this website with your local machine IP address.

  1. Locate Your windows host file(C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc)
  2. Got to windows installation directory.
  3. After that go to Windows->System32->Driver->etc folder.
  4. Then locate your hosts file.
  5. Open Your host files with any editor.

    host file

Now Make a new entry in the last of all content like as we make a new entry to block the facebook.com associate with your local sytem IP(


Some time we are not able to edit new entry in our host file. We get an error when we save host file after editing due to permission error.System user don't have the permission to modify the windows or system file.

So to edit host files first we got the user permission for edit this file.To get the permission follow below steps.

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and right click on host file->then choose Properties.

host file


  • Under properites open window choose security tab.


  • Select the system current user name and click on edit button.


  • Now select the user and click the check box Allow full control.


  • Now click on apply and then ok. Now you can edit or do a new entry in your host file.


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