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How to allow Backorders in Magento ?

How to allow Backorders in Magento

Magento Backorder is a feature  which is used to sell these product which is currently not avalable in stock(out of stock) and can available in future .It's depend on store manager how to display these product in your site in stock or with a specific avalability message just like "Backorder Availableity" or "Currently product in out of stock and valiable with in one week "

By default Magento Backorder feature is disable, for using Backorder functanality we need to change some configartion from magento admin 

panel. than you can placed  an order for a product.Backorder message appears in the shopingcart page when you add any out of stock product in your shopping cart.

To Enable Backorder feature from magento admin panel follow below given steps:

1. To allow customers to purchase out of stock products, this can be done as a global setting from magento admin panel

Go to system -> configuration -> Catalog Tab -> Inventory  -> Product Stock Options -> Backorders  – > Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer 


(choose from dropdown )

2. Go to catelog ->manage product ->inventory tab and set "out of stock" to “In stock” which you want to show as Backorder on frontend

3. Magento uses caching, so to reflact your change on frontend application clear the cache. Do not forget to clear cache from var/cache folder.


Difference between backorder and pre-order

Backorder is an item that was in stock previously but currently out of stock and will be avaible in future.
A pre-order is for an item that has not been released till now and will be release in future or after some time.

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