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Advantages and disadvantages of triggers in SQL

Advantages and disadvantages of triggers in SQL

Advantage of triggers :

  1. Triggers can be used as an alternative method to check the integrity of data.
  2. Triggers are standard actions performed by more than one application program. By coding the action once and storing it in the database for future use, if we need to change the functionality or business logic you need to change only the corresponding trigger program instead of each application program.
  3. SQL triggers provide an alternative way to run scheduled tasks. You don’t have to wait to run the scheduled tasks because the triggers are invoked.
  4. automatically before or after a change is made to the data in tables.

  5. SQL triggers are useful to audit the changes of data in tables.
  6. Triggers are also used for calling stored procedures.

Disadvantages of trigger:

  1. Programmers don’t have full control: Since business rules are hidden, programmers don’t have full control on the database.
  2. Decrease in performance of the database: By the complex nature of the database programs take more time to execute and there can be hidden performance downtimes.
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